#MMIW Awareness Day Proclamations

The following proclamations were passed in 2015.

  • Denver, CO
  • Boulder, CO
  • Missoula, MT
  • Fargo, West Fargo, (ND)
  • Moorhead, Dilworth (MN)
  • Minneapolis, MN

If you’re interested in getting a proclamation passed in your city, community, or state, please contact us.

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Sewing Circles

As part of our Sing Our Rivers Red Traveling Earring Exhibit we are offering Sewing Circles for those interested in contributing to the exhibit by sewing single-sided earrings onto Pendleton blankets to be a part of the second traveling exhibit.

If you’re interested in hosting a sewing circle in your community or school, please contact us.

Past Participants:

  • Western University, London Ontario

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Love Letters to the Lost 

We have received many messages from people sending stories and memories about their loved ones who were stolen and taken from their families. The years of events, show of support in attendance, and the earring donations all show how much awareness and support is needed. And how necessary it is to create safe spaces for healing. SORR would like to provide a space for those stories to be shared with each other in hopes of encouraging strength, support, hope, and healing for those who need it. 

If you’d like to contribute, please email your Love Letters to those you’ve lost along the way to and we’ll post the letters for others to read here.

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